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Default diy! cruise control mod! 07 sti into 04 ts!

so i bought an 07 sti steering wheel a while ago and used this thread to use my 04 cruise control (remote on/off button), recently i had an urge to figure out how to get the 07 cruise control (on/off button on arm) to work, so this is my first diy

*cliff notes: splice green-blue from cruise control button to black on 07 cc through black clockspring wire(?) for trigger mechanism, provide power to red on 07 cc, easy?

1. this wiring diagram is a good reference to start from

2. for comparison

3. first locate the following

a. cc plug under airbag *note the blank spot - that's how we will trigger the cc

b. clockspring connector(?) *to get to this connector, follow the arrow in the picture above* then cut the black wire to splice with green-blue from the 04 cc button in the next step

4. on the back of the 04 cc button, locate the green-blue, then cut and splice about 12" of wire to connect to the black wire cut in previous step *ignore the other three wires (i terminated them)

5. cut all the wires as close to the 04 cc as possible, use the wires to connect to the 07 cc according to this picture *i used a spade connector on the black so i don't lose the ability to disconnect it

07 cc wiring functions for the curious
- green = 12v
- yellow = set
- white = res
*red and black are for triggering the cc, one is 12v and one connects to the trigger

6. reconnect everything *so the black from the 07 cc is connected to the black going into the clockspring and spliced to the green-blue from the 04 cc button (you can see this in the bottom left below)

7. enjoy

hope this helps, good luck
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