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Default Scoobyfreak86 2017 Lapis Blue Pearl STI Journal

Hey everyone. Some of you may remember me from my previous Subaru (, but if not take a look at my previous journal if you so choose. After careful deliberation and a two years of weighing pro's and con's, I have decided to come back to the Subaru world. This time in the STI variant. I will go into detail of why I chose what I chose, the other cars I was considering, and my plans for the STI for the future. This is going to be long, so if you are looking to pass some time or enjoy reading then this is for you. Otherwise... cliff notes: got an STI, going to mod it, but stay practical, scroll down for pics.

Let's start off by going over what other cars I was considering. After selling the 13 WRX, I decided to take a step away from the car world a bit to refocus my priorities and regain some control of my hobby to really think about what I wanted to do. When the WRX sold, we had our daughter on the way in a few short months and I didn't want to be bothered with something I obsessed about maintaining, modding, and spent an overwhelming amount of time working on. I wanted something comfortable, practical, and most importantly safe. I just wanted something I could get in and go and not having to worry. This led me to a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude. Gave me all the creature comforts I could possibly want and just a really solid SUV that would serve my purpose perfectly at that point in my life.

After spending 33k miles in the Jeep, my car enthusiast mindset starting kicking in and really missed my connection to cars. Gears started turning and discussed some options with my wife and casually started searching for something new. Some cars that struck my interest and I was actively searching for were BMW E90 M3, Golf R mk7, Golf GTI mk7, 17 STI, 17 WRX, and the ford focus RS.

My car ownership duration has been pretty consistent with it being around 2-3 years. With this next car, I wanted to pick something that will last and I can enjoy for at least the next ~5 years. My wife and I are expecting our second girl in June and we just got settled into a new house this past November, so I had to be realistic in my decision. Had to set requirements of what I needed in a car verse what I dream of. I needed 4 doors, AWD, practical, cheap to maintain/mod, manual, fun, and safe.

- AWD was a requirement since I got rid of my SUV, I needed something that can handle any type of weather without having to think twice.

- Practicality is extremely important since this is an everyday car. It needs to go get groceries, haul the family around, get me to work, trips, eventually handle some track events, space for kid stuff and whatever else. I needed something that could handle it all.

- Maintenance/Mods had to be cost effective. I enjoy doing my own work to cars, so being able to handle the workload was important not to mention not wanting to spend $1000+ on JUST a muffler. Something simple that didn't need crazy inspections or services every XXXX miles. Simple. That is what I am after. I want to make the car my own without having to worry if I can pay the mortgage next month after buying some mods for the car.

- Manual was a must for me as I found out owning the Jeep how much I missed that connection to a car. Shifting really amplified my enjoyment in the ownership and increased the overall fun factor.

- Lastly and most important safety. Becoming a father has changed my perspective drastically on the world. Everything I see is now a threat to my daughters and I am doing my best to protect them (and my wife) from the horrible things out there. So if god forbid we ever got in an accident, I want us to walk away unscathed knowing the car we were in was something that saved us from anything worse.

Now let's get to the cars. I wanted to make sure I researched everything I had an interest in to make sure what I was going to decide on was the right choice.

- The e90 m3 has been on my radar ever since I sold my e46 m3 back in 2012, but seeing that it is going on 10 years old and my budget would allow for something with 60k+ miles, it started to lose it's appeal as I would have to settle on a color I wasn't crazy about, more miles than I would like, and something a bit more used than I envisioned. While I did come across some nice examples, it was never in my ideal color combo or specs. Combined with the M Tax of maintenance/mods really made me realize it wasn't the right time to own this car.

- The Ford Focus RS really caught my attention after seeing the numbers. I wasn't too crazy about the overall look as I was never a Focus guy. Although it really grew on me and decided it may be something I would be interested in. However, that ended quickly when I saw dealers marking them up to 10k over MSRP. Sorry, I scratched that off the list as I would never in my life pay 45-50k for a ford focus.

- Golf R and GTI were the really only 2 other cars that I really, really thought hard about. I absolutely love the updates in the mk7's and it really just is a solid car. The GTI didn't do too much for me due to the FWD. Call me a snob or dumb, but I am just not a big FWD person. The Golf R really appealed to me with the AWD, well thought out/designed interior, and overall package. It really is a magnificent car that I could easily see myself carting around in. However, it all came to a halt after hearing how long it took to get one, not to mention finding a dealer that was willing to work with me. Great cars, but the markup and the this is the price and that's it attitude turned me off as in the back of my mind I kept telling myself.. "it's a golf".

- The 17+ STI and WRX thought never left my mind. After researching more and more I began to really envision it as my next car. Checked every box that I had and having been a Subaru owner before, I knew what I was getting myself into. It was a comforting feeling in a way. Test drove both variants and while I enjoyed the WRX and the FA20, knowing I could drive off in another WRX and not an STI didn't sit right as I wanted to do this right from the start. I wanted the brakes, the big wing, the components, and yes even the ej motor.

After weighing the pros and cons to everything, I decided the STI was the best choice for me and gave me the gotta have it feeling more than anything else. It really was the perfect car for this time in my life. So, I started my hunt for my ideal STI nationwide and decided to go with a local dealer to me that I have been emailing constantly for the past year trying to strike a deal. Sure enough, they were able to get me everything I wanted and had my ideal spec'd STI on the lot. Did all the back and forth through email, so I basically walked in and out with the car in 2 hours.

Here is what I went with
2017 base STI in Lapis Blue Pearl
Options: Side moldings, homelink mirror, and all weather mats/cargo

I didn't care for the sunroof or the leather, so saved some money and went with a base. The limited wheels are indeed nice, but we all know they will be changed out down the road. The OEM wheels will become my winter set, so it was a win win in my book.

In terms of mods, take a look at my last WRX. You can see how I mod my cars as my goals are practicality, reliability, with an aggressive look. I like to build off of what is already there and accent the highlights of the car rather than making new ones. Nice fitting wheels, sitting right without being too harsh of a ride, sounding like a Subaru, but not house rattling loud. I have some nice plans, so if you are interested, more than welcome to follow along.

I will be moving quite a bit slower with the STI than I did with my WRX as I can appreciate the STI in stock form a bit more than my previous WRX. I am not in as of a rush to get it to the point where I want it. Rather take my time, get the parts I really want the first time around, and enjoy it instead of stressing about getting it to the next step.

I am truly excited to take you all on this journey with me even more excited to be part of the Subaru brand again. Looking forward to adding some mod entries in the near future!

I promise to get some proper pictures up shortly. For now, some quick iphone shots will suffice. PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!

As you can tell, the garage has since been cleaned out and organized to an extent (we just moved in the house November). But I am planning a pretty awesome garage overhaul, so I will be sure to share that journey with everyone on here as well. Nice flooring, lighting, cabinets, etc. It should be a pretty awesome place to work in. Very excited for it!

Current Mods:

New Car Prep and Debadge
Gloss Black Side Badges, Black STi Trunk badge
Tail Light Tint
Bumper Plugs
V Limited eBay Front Lip
USDM Rear Splashguards
BaysonR CS Style front lip and side skirts
JDM Grille
Carbon Reproductions Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers
OLM Golden Convex Side Mirrors
STI Carbon Fiber Trunk Trim
Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame with STI Logo
Perrin Radiator Cover - Black
Perrin Engine Cover - Black
Perrin Boost Solonoid Cover - White
Perrin Battery Tie Down - Black White
Perrin Brake Reservoir Sock- Black
Perrin Oil Cap - Black
Intertek Fabrication Intercooler Guard - Black/White
OLM Carbon Fiber Ruf Version 1 Roof Spoler
OLM Carbon Fiber Exhaust Finishers
Subispeed Carbon Fiber Pro Gurney Flap
Chasing J's Titanium Cap Set
Renegade Motorsports Engine Bay Cap Set
Ikon Motorsports Rear Diffuser
Bayson R Rear Spats
OLM Carbon Fiber Grille Trim
OLM Anodized Gas Cap Cover
OLM Carbon Fiber Fender Shrouds
Cobb Redline Carbon Fiber Alternator Belt Cover
Subispeed JDM OLM Grille
Subispeed OLM Carbon Grille Trim
GCS Gloss Black STI Grille Badge
Gloss Black trunk STI badge
2020 Front Bumper Conversion
Avery Dension Gloss Black Roof/Antenna Wrap
Revel GT Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop
Revel GT Carbon Fiber Fuse Box Cover
Carbon Fiber Front Grille
Chargespeed Front Grille Emblem Mount
VIS Racing V2 Carbon Fiber Hood
Carbon Fiber CS Style Front lip, side skirts, rear spats
Carbon Creations Rear Diffuser
LwrclssGarage Front Brace Bar
Titanium Works Engine Bay Hardware Kit

AC Fan Blower Panel
Subispeed PK Style Steering Wheel
Kicker Tweeter and Door Speakers
Kick Subwoofer
Perrin Trunk Handle
Gloss Black STI Steering Wheel Trim
Dasaita DSP
Idoing Android Headunit
Carbon Fiber E-Brake Handle
GCS Black E-Brake Button
Overland Designs Shift and e-Brake boot
OLM Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim
2018+ MFD Screen
Overland Designs Alcantara Cluster Trim and MFD Hood
WC Lathworks Piston Helio Shift Knobs
Cobb Delrin Shift Knob - Black
Gloss Black Vent Trim
Overland Designs Alcantara MFD panel
Overland Designs Alcantara Shifter trim and bezel
Overland Designs Alcantara Center Console
Raceseng Stratose Alcantara Shift Knob
Mach V Motorsports Vent AP Mount
Overland Designs Alcantara A Pillars
Subispeed Gauge Cubby Pod
Revel VLS Wideband Gauge
Revel VLS Oil Pressure Gauge

Delta Motor Works Fast Track Axleback 1,2,3
Fortune Auto 500 Gen 6 Coilovers with 7k Swift Springs and radial bearing upgrade
Kartboy SSK and Perrin Reverse Lockout
Cobb Accessport
Delta Motorworks Non Res Midpipe
MAPerformance Stage 1 Tune
MAPerformance Stage 1+ Tune
MAPerformance Intake "Raw"
Cobb SF Intake w/ Airbox
Brentuning Stage 1+ SF (+burble) 93 Map
Perrin 25MM Rear Sway Bar
Perrin Rear Endlinks
Perrin Front Strut Bar - White
Turbosmart Kompact BPV
Cobb Redline Carbon Fiber Intake
DBA T3 4000 Slotted Rotors
Hawk HPS 5.0 Pads
ATE 200 Brake Fluid
Perrin Pitch Stop - Red
Perrin Pitch Mount
Perrin Stainless Steel Clutch Line
IAG V3 Street AOS - Black
Getadomtune Cyl 4 Cooling Mod
Grimmspeed Top Mount Intercooler - Black
Rotora 6/4 Pot White Big Brake Kit
Compressive Tuning Radiator Shroud - Black
Verus Engineering Front Street Splitter
Grimmspeed Catted Downpipe
Grimmspeed Turbo Heat Shield with Gold Heat Tape
Killer B EL Holy Headers with Swaintech
AEM Fuel Pump
Cobb Fuel Pressure Regulator
Cobb Fuel Rails
Cobb Fuel Lines
Cobb 1050x Injectors
R/T Tuning Stage 3+ Custom Pro Tune

LED License Plate Lights
Tail As Turn Module
LED Reverse Bulbs and Front Turn Signals
SubieLED DRL and Fogs
Diode Dynamics Smart Tap Module
Morimoto XB LED Fog Lights
Apollo Non Sequential LED Headlights
OLM Interior LED
F1 LED 3rd Brake Light
OLM LED Black/Clear Turn Signals
Sequential Mirror Turn Signals
Subispeed S4 DRL Fog Bezels
OEM+ Cherry Red tail lights
Diode Dynamics C lights Gloss Black Reflectors
Diode Dynamic SS3 Sport Yellow Fog Lights
Subispeed TR Tail Lights
Subispeed JDM DRL Fog Bezels
2020 STI Headlight Conversion customized by Lightwerkz
Subispeed V2 Taillights

Gramlight 57DR and Muteki SR35 lugs
Continental DWS06 265/35/18
Rays Dura Lugs and Locks - Black
Rays GramLights 57 black center caps
Enkei RS055RR 18x9.5 +35
Michelin A/S 3's 265/35
Wedssport TC105x 18x10 +35
Michelin PS4s 265/35/18
Project Kics Gold Hub Rings
Project Kicks Kyokugen Lugs - Gold/Black

1000 Mile Break in Oil Change
Oil Change - 4,923
Driver front axle replaced (boot had small tear) - 6,500
Oil Change - 8,805
Oil Change - 13,193
Oil Change - 17,119
Intake Filter - 17,443
Cabin Filter - 17,507
Oil Change - 20,587
Oil Change - 23,756
Oil Change: 26,930
Oil Change: 29,711
Cabin Filter - 31,034
Rotors/Pads - 32,244
Spark Plugs - 32,534
Oil Change - 32,814
Rear Diff Flush: 32,891
Transmission Flush - 32,891

SubieLED STIFREAK for 15%

Diode Dynamics
Renegade Motorsports
Cobb Tuning
Titanium Works
Verus Engineering

Current Look:
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