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Originally Posted by Norm Peterson View Post
Actually, we would, we did, and we absolutely would again. I don't think we paid the full $35k but I'm sure it was more than $30k. We weren't coming from a previous gen of anything Subaru, so I don't have that kind of comparison.

But having a MT really is that important, and styling isn't. We last owned a car with automatic back around 1972. Over the years we've occasionally driven automatics, enough to know that they don't work for us. She had just turned 60 when we bought the LGT and it was her completely unsolicited statement that she didn't want anything to do with an automatic (which would have meant the 3.6/5A version of the Legacy). Ten years later with both of us now in our 70's it's still the same. You've probably never "met" another couple quite like us (and may not ever meet another), so I can understand how it might be difficult to you to see this from our perspective. It's just "too different".

The only thing about the LGT in its full OE condition that I really didn't care for was the shocks & struts, particularly the rear shocks. There was not nearly enough rebound damping to suit us, and this was noticeable within the first week of taking delivery. In fairness, Subaru probably tuned them that way as a nod to the Legacy being more luxury-intended than the WRX of the same year, but again luxury was not the reason we put the LGT on our short list. I ended up doing a set of RCE's special Bilsteins. I wasn't all that happy with the 59"-ish overall height or the EJ's occasional "rumble" either, but it was way easier to overlook the first and drive around the second than try to live with an automatic.

I'm fine with you feeling that it's a good choice for you. But it's not a good choice for me because I'm opposed to owning a car whose transmission can do any of its own shifting. What makes the CVT worse in this respect is specifically because it does not have discrete shifting (even though it may pretend to), just a vague morphing as the pulley ratio varies. Like I said, it's like something is slipping that in my experience always meant that something expensive was about to need attention.

I'm afraid that since I always want to be driving MT and don't buy automatics to begin with, there's no such thing as an "urge for MT". Any "urge" would be about whether to take the Mustang instead, or any of the previous non-Subaru cars.

I understand the importance of MT. I've been driving one since I was 16. It's what I drive today in my 40s. I never stopped.

But my point is that many people online automatically bash the subaru CVT is bad without even having driven one. No you don't get that burn rubber tire jump and its a different feel but its still really good and there are different driving dynamics that you can use with the paddle shifters.

I was one of the first Legacy GT in owners in my city. So the 05-09 gen was a special one. When the cornering, stick shifting, styling, and overall vibe went down on the 2010 model, I went 11 WRX ltd.

It's interesting the 2018 3.6r legacy I recently bought is such a great car. It's actually a great cruiser. There are aspects of it that are better than my wrx and legacy gt. To each their own.
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