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Originally Posted by endrswrd View Post
Looks better. At least at 100% throttle and high loads you look to be targeting something a little higher than a typical 93 octane. With 94 octane fuel and meth I would think this isnt as aggressive.

Question? Why do you use a zeroed out advance map and do all your tuning on the base map? You are removing the ECUs ability to pull timing across the board(depending on how it is used) due to knock. Not to say that you wont still have a margin of safety, it is just diminished.

One thing to note you could always split the maps up and use the timing editor tool that is on the romraider forums. If you use the editor correctly, it can be used to edit one of the maps without effecting total timing, also is great for smoothing out timing by visually seeing the lines that are followed.

Fuel map looks good though. I would imagine if you are still working on fueling I would do it with the injector parameters.


Did you get the wrx heads machined to the 2.5l block, or did you just run an sti motor without avcs hooked up. If the latter, I would try and get a JDM STi ECU and add in the avcs. You are leaving low end torque and spool on the table without avcs.
Right now, no Meth. Just 94 Octane. Its a full STI motor forged internals. My motor is super loud. I can't use a knock sensor or it will pull 8 degrees of timing and then some. I used det cans back then to make sure I wasn't knocking (I wasn't).

I used the base timing because I could visualize it a lot better. Instead of adding this to this. My plan is, to run this map if you guys deem it safe @ wastegate boost (12-14psi). Then up the boost by ~2psi, scale my MAF. Rinse and repeat. Once I hit 20 PSi add meth. Retain the same timing table (even if its super safe). Then when I dyno I can add timing and see how power goes up. Though honestly, I probably don't need Meth at 20-22psi.

I can use a JDM STI (2.0L I assume) ECU on my WRX wire harness? I want AVCS

Would you suggest another degree removed just for safety?
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