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Originally Posted by Sub!eDr!ver View Post
I'd say that the anxiety is real, but completely unfounded.

Probably almost everyone's usual daily driving is within range of most modern EV's batteries, but people still have doubts about that .00001% of their driving where they might run beyond their EV's range.
Here is why range anxiety is REAL. Perception is reality. If people perceive that the option of charging outside the home is limited and rather time consuming, then that becomes the reality regardless of the fact they can charge at home and be just fine. Juan seems to miss this fact completely.

Itís also a realistic concern that people might forget to charge at night and be screwed the following day. Happened to the girlfriends sister 2 or 3 times with her Tesla. First time she was hurrying to get the kids home, changed and packed after school and catch a Uber to the airport. She came back and battery didnít have enough charge to get her to work, ended up calling in that day.

2nd time she was unloading groceries and asked one of her kids to plug the charger in, for whatever reason the kid didnít and it was repeat of prior situation.

Canít remember the third, maybe it was only 2.

Here is the truth. Until there is a mass instal base of chargers and the times are comparable to fuel (not exact), EV will struggle to have the mass market share it needs (among other reasons). Hell, go to LA, San Diego, San Fran Seattle, or other major metros where people donít have garages and parking is unassigned therefor not leaving you a way to charge. Makes it rather hard to justify an EV purchase.

Humans are inherently lazy and as simple as it sounds, I would say a lot of people donít want to have to plug in every night.

Letís also think of the millions of people in north Cal who have had their power shut off by the power company in high wind areas. Kinda screws them.

People want things to be easy for them with minimal change. Thinking we can just chug along and have wave ďrange anxiety isnít realĒ shows peoples huge misunderstanding about the majority.

*waits for justification on how that is not real.*
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