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Originally Posted by DuoMaxwell
I am sorry an RA will easily walk an STi and yes it has no comforts!!!

Hmm do you know anything about Subaru amazing that the WRXs were just as stout and cheaper than the STi. Saying the STi is the only one worth talking about is ignorant.

TO bad half the information is wrong I have the dealer books on those cars hell I was in Japan when they were released. The RA never had the option of A/C period trust me I asked. A throw away engine hell the JDM 205 is twice the engine the USDM is. Besides the fact there are more than a few around pushing on 400ps I don't think they are that disposable. Finally saying the only difference were the doors roflmfao. You my friend are not the information god you think you are. Try again and don't post some UK link half of them got their information from the used cars off the grey market they bought. Me well I have been in Japan since 96 when the Ver III came out. And have spent more time studying the car than looking at its doors. It might amaze you to know that most WRXs prior to the Neon look are alot faster than the STi!!! Here let me let you in on a little secret the rarest Subaru is not the 201, 202, 203 or 22B I suggest looking for version 6 STi seats but instead of them having the red outline they have Blue find the car they came attached to!!!
Duo are you addressing me or Zephyr250?? I never posted any links. Do you honestly think a ej205 wrx RA will walk a EJ207 STi type R/ RA.....if so you are very wrong. 90% of the STi power comes from a very aggressive ECU tune not to mention a very aggressive cam profile and yes large port heads too. The standard wrx RA has none of these goodies. If you dont believe me check out the dynos on scoobynet....thats shows plain as day what cars make more HP. And if you think the Ver 6 wrx STi type RA doesnt have AC you are so very wrong. keep reading

I never compared the jdm EJ205 to a usdm engine and i dont know why you are arguing because I agree. I compared the JDM EJ205 to a EJ207 STi and there is no arguing the EJ207 is a better engine. Its well known that the wrx RA was made to race, first thing they do is pull the engine, most likely they will put in a early closed deck engine with strong internals, hence me calling it a throw away engine. Dont get me wrong its still a good engine.

Yes I have read the stories about the standard wrx surprising some STi, but not Type R/RA and not when the wrx is stock.

Originally Posted by DuoMaxwell
Finally saying the only difference were the doors roflmfao
So all mighty knowing Japan man please do tell me the differences between a Ver 6 STi Type R and a Ver 6 STi Type RA.

Remember I am talking about STi Type R and RA..... NOT THE STANDARD WRX RA. There is a big difference.

Originally Posted by DuoMaxwell
The RA never had the option of A/C period trust me I asked

Here is a link to a ver 3 STi type RA and what do you know it has AC

And here are a few more RA's with AC just for good measures
Check out UK ebay...pretty sweet lots of RA's with AC some even jdm imports

You better have another look at those dealer books before you run your mouth. And who gives a **** about seats this is a technical forum.
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