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Default newby with strange ej25 problem

hello, my name is scott, i will tell you my story then the problem. i knwo this is a legacy forum but the motor is from a legacy so it does fit here some what

first off i have a 75 porsche 914, that i stuck in a 98 ej25 na motor. the 914 was a aircooled car that i put the radiator in the engine bay in front of the motor. the car is a mid engine car so the radiator is in the middle of the car. i kept the stock obd2 ecu and wiring, the wiring was trimmed down to fit and elimanate all the wiring i did not need. the car basicly runs with out any major trouble codes. i also flipped the intake around to fit the engine bay better, when i flipped the intake i had to relocate the alt to where the ac pump was.

the problem i am having is nuts, the alt died on me, it charges but after a few mins of driving it starts to lock up for a split second every second. this stopping makes the car feel like it is going to shake apart. so today i picked up a junk yard alt, and when i installed it, it runs like crap. if i disconnect the wire for the alt light on the dash, which also works with the exciter in the alt it runs fine, but only on the battery. do i try a third alt


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