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Originally Posted by sajohnson
Thanks for the link.

I should have been more clear -- the dry brown powdery residue seems normal, it's the fact that it is only on one side of the plug that I found strange.

The other side of the ground electrode has the obvious wear and black coloration. All four plugs are like this.

I took a couple pictures but could not figure out how to post them. If someone could tell me how to do it I'll post a picture.

This is most likely normal for this engine (since all four are the same) I am just curious as to why the deposits one the plugs are not uniform.

Oh, it's because of the way the flame propagates in the cylinder, temperature variations, fuel concentrations, etc. Anyway- nothing to worry about- they'll always be a little more tan on a different side. If you index your plugs- you'll see the "side" is always the same. I forget if the tan portion appears on the side facing the exhaust or intake valves...I know it's one or the other.
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