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Originally Posted by Sid03SVT View Post
Gotta be honest, I want to spend as little time at the dealer/with the salesperson as possible. Before I buy a vehicle I learn as much as possible about it on my own, arrange the particulars ahead of time, and prefer to only be there for signing papers. Honestly when it comes to mechanical bits & how the vehicle functions, I have known more than the salesperson every time.
I haven't bought a Subaru in a long time (MY06 WRX wagon was my last) so I was not aware of the L.E.D. program, I did test driven a MY19 WRX & MY19 STI, but didn't purchase them. However, knowing about a $25 gas card promo would not have swayed my decision at all, so I wonder why the program exists in the first place; that's not even a tank of gas, which most dealers "throw in" with the sale (at least every dealer I've dealt with).
I can say that when we bought my wifes MY17 Corolla iM hatch, the dealer was insistent on walking her through the particulars of the cars tech, and tried to keep us in the dealership as long as freaking possible.

My dealer experiences with regards to vehicle purchases have been roughly equally crap as far as Ford, Chevy, Cadillac, VW, Subaru, Toyota, BMW & Lexus have been concerned; maybe it's a regional thing, maybe it's just me, but I've found salespeople are salespeople, regardless of what they are selling.

LED started in Feb of 2016 with a small group of retailers. Ours was in the 2nd pilot group in March. It came about because of customer satisfaction. There is legit complaints about certain things becoming "too complicated" and that reflects on surveys and that wonderful JD Power stuff. It's been proven that if a person comes back for their LED, they are happier with their purchase. But the "too complicated" is only that if the person refuses to learn. I'd find it interesting if I were able to find a feature you'd not realize if you were to come back to talk to me. I try to make it a point to inform the customer of something they weren't aware of before. From vehicle features to our hours of operation....appointment scheduling.....accessory stuff. Just whatever. We shoot for 30-60 minutes; but, I'm there for the customer. If they need more? Let's go! It's funny cause this program is what I have been doing for the whole time I've worked there. Now, the customer just gets a little extra for it from SOA.

And I think it sucks to hear the bad stories from retailers. We have our fair share of folks that would drag our name in the dirt. Luckily, most of our customers love us. We try to not be pushy cause we'll just make the customer mad and they go elsewhere. Subarus basically selling themselves the last decade has certainly been nice. Right now is hard cause we simply don't have the cars. Normally 120 or so on the lot and I think there was 1 when I was there yesterday.
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