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Originally Posted by ProZach626 View Post

....This. Also, you would think owners manuals are a thing of the past, right? Even youtube can show buyers features/quirks.

As far as the salesmen showing you features on the cars, and giving you $25, I don't see that as a bad thing. It's just good customer service, despite not being a point of sale. When it comes to knowing more than salesmen, I've found every Civic Si I've looked at, the salesmen have been hilariously under informed. I was in my 15 (prior to the 18) VA STI when I looked at an Si just for the hell of it, which made almost no sense. The sales guy was older, and he had no idea what he was talking about. I waited 3-4 months for my 15 STI to come in when I ordered it, and he tried to sell me on how hard it was to get an Si, and that I'd better act fast. There were 5 other Si's on the lot... What a tool. The car was also laughable. (2017) To make it worse, when I came back from my terribly underwhelming test drive, there were 5-6 Honda employees looking at my car and complimenting me on it. lolol

I love Subaru.

I don't love whomever is in charge of writing the manuals. My one favorite example was when the SGP finally hit, the Impreza manual showed instructions on how to work the dual zone climate control. Customer called and was confused cause they couldn't seem to work it. I was like "you don't have it. The Impreza doesn't come with dual zone". Customer "But it's in the manual". I'm thinking surely the customer was reading something wrong and I went and got one. Sure enough, in plain black and white ink. Now, this was in early '17. '17....'18....'19.....'20.....'21.....'22.....STIL L no availability for it. Initially I was thinking maybe they were gonna have it available on the Crosstrek. You know. Lifted Impreza and all. Nope. Only thing that has that setup with dual zone is the Forester. Now, how did the Forester info get in the Impreza manual?

Yes, there are a ton of videos out there. Lots of good ones as well. Many-a-customer telling me they were helpful. Many tell me they were helpful but had additional questions not quite addressed in the videos. Some just can't seem to find the "right" video. And I've watched some that were "good" that also had unnecessary steps in them. And I am sure MANY can't figure it out and just write it off and don't even try..........the ones that complain to places like CR and JD Power.......hence why Subaru puts forth a good effort to help it's customers.

I can't wait for training on the new GT.
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