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I will never stop foot in Bill Kolb again. Here is the letter I wrote them:

Maryann Kolb
Bill Kolb Jr. Subaru
252 Rt. 303
Orangeburg, NY 10962

Dear Maryann,

Over the past week, I have unsuccessfully been trying to obtain the registration for my 2006 Subaru Legacy GT Limited that I purchased at your dealership on Dec. 28th, 2005. With the temporary about to expire, I called your dealership to find out how I could be sure I would get my registration before the expiration date of the 27th of January. I was told that there were some “paper work delays” but that it would be in by Friday the 27th, at the latest and it would then be sent “overnight” to me immediately. As of today, Tuesday, January 31, 2006 I still do not have my registration.

Giving the benefit of the doubt to your registration person Jolene, I waited until Monday to contact her again since the registration did not arrive as I was told it would. She proceeded to tell me that she still had not received the registration and when I told her I was unable to drive the car since the state of New Jersey impounds the owner’s car for driving without a registration I was told, “just drive carefully” and that your dealership would pay for any tickets. This is the customer service of a “Subaru Stellar Performer” dealership? None of your customers should even be put in the position where he/she might get a ticket or have his/her car impounded. There were 30days to get this paperwork done and have my registration. Any excuse including the “NJ DMV is giving us a hard time because of these special cars we purchased” are completely unacceptable. Your dealer claim of “We make your buying experience Simple and Stress-Free!” could not be more wrong.

After realizing that I needed to take this into my own hands because customer satisfaction after the sale was no concern of your dealership, my wife and I called the main customer service contact for the NJDMV since the car is in her name. We were told by Sharon at the NJDMV that as of Monday, January 30th, no papers were received by your dealership regarding a 2006 car but that my registration was still listing the 2003 Subaru that I had traded into your dealership. As you could imagine, I was outraged. Calling Jolene back, my wife had to leave a message and told her that this needed to be resolved immediately and told her what the NJDMV relayed to us. She eventually called me back and said she doesn’t know who my wife spoke to but that she called the NJDMV and was told the paperwork was sent out on Friday and would indeed arrive today (Monday) via DHL. I was told to call back as DHL arrives at approximately 2:00-2:30pm. I called back at 2:30pm and was told they did not arrive yet but that as soon as they do, she would open up the delivery and call me to tell me that it was there and I could come and pick it up. I agreed and reiterated that she needed to call me with the status no matter what because again, this needed to be resolved today since I had taken the day off of work and would also need to go for a NJ state inspection upon receiving my registration.

With 4:30pm arriving and no phone call received, I left my house in Oradell, NJ (25min. away) and headed to the dealership. I approached the counter to the far right as I entered and told the gentleman there that I was arriving to pick up my registration and gave him my name. He proceeded to call Jolene and he told me that “she doesn’t have it.” I then handed in my temporary that had expired 3 days earlier and said, “This is expired, so you need to get me something.” At that moment, the urge for me to let the entire audience of your dealership know the outrage I felt and the nonsense that I was being put through was held back thanks to the presence of my wife whom you should be very thankful for. If it was up to me, everyone in the showroom, especially other potential customers would know how long I’ve been waiting to get my registration and how I have been treated (“just drive carefully”) by your employees since. Instead, I waited for the gentleman to return and when he did, it was with a new temporary to place in my window that now does not expire until March. I was then told, as usual, “Your registration is on the way, we should have it this week, and then we will overnight it to you.” When is this charade going to end?

Let me remind your dealership that making the sale of a vehicle does not end your relationship with a customer; it should only be the beginning. In this case, if I had not called the dealership days before the approaching expiration of my temporary registration, who was going to call me? When was someone going to alert me that there was a problem? There was no contact by your dealership to alert me that I may be driving around with an expired paper in my rear window. I had to bring it to their attention and when I did, I was told day after day how “it’s on the way” and “I’ll overnight it to you” with what result? I still do not have my registration and I refuse to pay for it.

At this time, I would like to request a full re-imbursement of my registration costs. Not only has enough time gone by for my papers to be properly taken care of, this was only a mere transfer of plates. Had this been a whole new registration with plates, how much time would that take? In addition to the registration fees being returned to me, I would like to receive payment for 1 year of oil changes that I am owed at your dealership after having won them in a service clinic drawing. I would like compensation for this since I will not be taking my car back to your dealership for any reason. I realize that this outrageous event may only be the fault of one person or one department but in my eyes, it is these people who ruin the reputation of an entire dealership. After going through this, why would I want to step foot in your doors again? The extremely poor customer service of who I had to deal with speaks volumes. When I read about a “stress-free” purchase, I must n
ow assume that only applies to actually buying the car. Everyone is ready to sell you a car, but no one wants to follow up with you and take care of the business and paperwork involved over the next 30 days.

I expect that both my registration, the fees for my registration and my oil change credit will all arrive to me within the next few days. If this is not the case, I will take whatever action is necessary to assure my own satisfaction.

Her WEAK response:

My controller is personally handling this. I understand your registration arrived today.
You should expect a call from Kim Schaefer. I believe she left you a msg asking if you if you wanted us to overnight this to you or you wanted to come by and pick it up.

Whatever is easier for you we will gladly do.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Maryann Kolb

My next response:

The voicemail left was at my home. I just checked it from work, though I know I left my cell phone as my contact on this situation. I was given the number of 845-398-3367 to call Kim back and that seems to be a fax number. So, I am unable to get back to her. It seems even leaving the correct phone number is a difficult thing at your dealership.

First off, there should be no question that the papers are to be sent to me overnight as that has been the story from your dealership from the start. Why question if I would like them overnight? I wanted them last Thursday. Second, I am not going to visit your dealership again as I have already told you, so I will indeed not come to pick them up. Third, you have failed to mention if the compensation for the registration fees and the oil changes are on the way as well. If they are not and further action is requred, please let me know and I will have my lawyer call you this afternoon. If I do not hear back from you, I assume you would like to speak to him instead. Please know that the delivery of my registration and the apology for my inconvenience does not in any way bring this situation to closure.
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