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OMGHi2U How to wrap your turbo

First off, the pros and cons of this mod.

Will stop 98.6% of heatsoak of your TMIC
Will stop you from visiting the burn ward while tinkering with your car


It will decrease reliability of your turbo

1. Purchase the Thermo Tec Turbo Wrap Kit #15003 which should cost around $37.
2. You can do this on or off the car as I've done probably 10 turbos over the years on or off the car. For a how-to, this is just easier to show and doing one on the car is only like 9% harder if that.
3. Assemble tools needed

I'm using the PROPER tool for the job, a safety wire twister. Harbor Freight sells these for a whopping $9. You can use pliers and twist it manually like the proletariat if you wish. I used the MIL-spec of 7 twists per inch though.

4. Make a paper template. This is two standard sheets of copier paper I stole from work taped together as the template that end up being like ~15" long or so. Notice how it is thicker on one end? This mimics the thickness of the compressor shape as it tapers.

5. Using a Sharpie, trace the template onto the thicker underwrap.

6. I cut two of these though the instructions only call for one layer. More is better right?

7. Cut 1/4" relief cuts every inch or so down both long sides of the wrap (and on both copies if doing two layers). These relief cuts will allow the thicker underwrap to lay flatter on the turbo body when it is tightened down. This step is optional and only for the most anal retentive.

8. If you do use two layers, it is best to secure them together so they don't shift around during wrapping. Since they will be on a curved surface, one will be slightly shorter than the other. Curve them into a circle so the slight shifting occurs and staple the ends with one staple on each end. Ghetto....yes....effective as crap....yes.

How it appears after stapling. The "loosey-goosey" appearance when not on the turbo is normal as that slack will go away when it is wrapped around the turbo.

9. This is where you mark and cut the silver overwrap. Flip it over and mark and cut the under white side. Lay down your template and mark using the Sharpie a perfect rectangle about 1/4" bigger than the thick tan underwrap.
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