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I went to tear out the pump assembly, the fuel line connectors were caked with rust and I broke them. Advance auto had a great product that you do not need a pressure fitting tool to replace these into the nylon fuel line, they are 5/16 to 5/16 adaptors, and subaru gives you just enough slack in the original line to cut it one time and replace them.

I pulled the assembly and I found out I still had the OEM pump and filter was still in the tank, the car has 225k miles on it too... (Wow, thing was so dirty!!!) After reinstalling car started right up but I found I had a pin hole in the hard section of return line right on top of the Assembly. It was pissing fuel );

I went to the local scrap yard ripped out a assembly from a 2002 Impreza sport hatchback, I took off the fuel pump, filter, and float from the assembly and left them, I paid $12 for the core.(what a steal) I went back home changed all my new parts to the new-used assembly and reinstalled. This time I could hear the pump whining loud but I was not getting fuel pressure again...

Scratched my head, pulled the assembly again and uninstalled the pump, inspected the pump while energizing it. The float in the valve of the pump was getting stuck so I messed with it and got it aligned and working proper. I reinstalled everything and it cranked right up, purrs like a kitten, I mean a lion 🤣.. 225k WRX never been modded what so ever thing runs like a beast again!

In summary for parts

Pump with life time warrenty -$30
Genuine Subaru OEM fuel filter - $60
New fuel line fittings -$30
New assembly -$12

Grand total $132

In summary I had 12v constant on a closed circuit to the back of the fuel pumps 6 prong connecter. I guess this is normal even with the igntion on not cranking.

If you're not getting power back there at all that when you really have a short or bad ground.

If you look online new full assembly's are expensive. In my opinion I saved a little cash buying a used one and the after market pumps are not always perfect. The one i bought may of had a defect but it was easy to fix just check your parts before installing.
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