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So last week I bought my first Subaru. Sweet local trade, been very well maintained and decently low mileage. It is a 2004 Wrx, has 113k miles the frame and body have small amounts of rust which I plan to do something about just not sure the best way to go about that is yet.
Anyways I bought the car and enjoyed the hell out of it the first day, checked it over the next morning, seemed sound, took it out the next day and my right inner cv boot ripped. Got to my campsite and smoke was coming from under the hood. Ruined my whole day. Thought I had blown a seal on the transmission when i looked down to inspect the damage. After letting it cool down I took a closer look at the doom substance splattered on the down pipe and transmission to realize it was grease. This made me feel better but still a little bummed. Got it home and really checked it out and realized it was just the boot. No problem. Got the boot changed this morning by way of strut bolt removal technique. Went to reinstall my top camber bolt and I didnt have a 1/2" drive 19mm socket so I used a reducer to 3/8s (I realize now that was a stupid idea) so I tighten it down with the reducer and could not get the torque wrench to hit the target 120ft lbs (which I got from my Haynes repair manual, please correct me if that value is wrong.) Broke the reducer so I went and bought a 19mm socket, which I obviously should have done to begin with) came back to try again and now the camber bolt won't tighten or come undone. It's just stuck pretty much all the way down. I did some research and found that 20540AA090 is the part number I need for the bolt. Again, please correct me if I'm wrong. While I've got it open gonna do the other inner boot and sway bar end looks as one is completely broke free and o2 sensor. Going to inspect and fix anything obvious also but like I said I am brand new to owning a Subaru and am wondering if there is anything else that this lovely community would suggest I take care of while I wait for camber bolts to arrive?
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