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lol i reworded the OP. it's kind of sad that it's coming off as, whiny evo owner looking for additional edge. i just think this restriction is forcing STU evo owners to miss out on some awesome power oversteer, and at the same time I guarantee it will do the same for STis and WRXs - though I think more benefit for WRXs. I think it'll also help older Evos that were especially gypped in the drivetrain department to be a little more competitive.

As far as I can tell, drivetrain-wise, the single most influential piece in terms of handling is the rear diff. just page through that rear diff thread on evom to see what i mean.

Originally Posted by yazel View Post
Contradictory much (bolded words)? I'm just kidding and see what you mean!

I actually like that part of STU and AWD cars (underlined part). It makes the battle to win that much more fun. Everyone says our cars (AWD cars) are as simple as point and shoot, but as you stated it isn't just that simple. With the current rules we can do so much to cure those problems anyways.

I like your simple reasoning of making your car more fun though. That is what it should be about at some point.
i didn't notice until just now. it was a, 'now that i think of it,' kind of thing.
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