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There's only one thing that scares autoxers more than turbo cars in ST is AWD cars playing with differentials in ST.

I'm not going tell you not to try, but I will say that this is a battle that has been faught since STX and STUs inception and has constantly and completely failed to make it beyond the advisory committee.

The reasoning is that this is not a common modification street mod for AWD cars, and the costs to entry (i.e. "If they have it, I have to have it" perceptions, are too high.

And you're completely and wholly incorrect on the reason 2WD cars are allowed diffs.

As it stands right now, 2WD cars in ST are allowed to run any aftermarket differential, while AWD cars are not - this rule was originally created to handicap AWD cars, but I think that a handicap like that is unnecessary and much harder for the rules to justify.
The allowance for 2WD cars is to level the playing field against AWD cars. Once you start allowing AWD cars to change diffs, there's nothing equivalent for 2WD cars to do. It was not to handicap AWD cars.

Not saying your proposal won't go through... just saying you may be spending a hell of a lot of time to be told... "Thank you for your comments, but no."

And then you also shot yourself in the foot with this...
This may not have as much impact on STIs, There is real benefit to be had by doing this mod - one that was not commonly explored for evos until maybe 2008 or 2009.
You're creating an imbalance between STis and EVOs. Proposing changes to rules that only benefit a select few cars is the fastest way to be told "ain't happening" "Thank you for your comments. We do not believe this aligns with the class structure."

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