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Originally Posted by zer0psi View Post
Whatever this supposed to mean, I do know that, but I've also had fully stripped 400+ whp LS1 cars, so there is a big big difference in overall traction and safety between AWD and RWD. It may not 'save' me, but it makes it at least a little more foolproof.

my 309whp WRX=never crashed (until an idiot hit me head on on my 25mph commute to work)
my 330ishwhp 05 STI=never crashed. Never even spun or close to lost it.
my who knows how much whp, but a lot, FXT=never crashed, only spun once at an autocross. (It should however be noted that by the time this FXT was built like that, I had 6 years of high powered subby driving, hundreds of autocrosses, several track days and 17 years driving experience under my belt)

my 225whp miata=spun 10 times easily in a handful of autocross events
spun 3 times on the street (the first 2 times were when I first got it and wasnt used to a tail happy RWD. Early throttle=massive oversteer. oops.)
Last spin was into a hedge. That time was me being stupif on an emtpy road.

Its definately a little more foolproof. Not invincible though.
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