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Originally Posted by Apharmd View Post
I grabbed myself a 2018 Focus RS a couple of weeks ago. Shopping it against the 2018 STI, Golf R, and Civic Type R:

-Golf R had a great interior, but dealer wouldn't budge on price, wouldn't offer a test drive, and the car was just so dull to look at.

-Civic Type R had a nicer interior than the RS, but every dealer in the DC metro area wanted some kind of markup, and I couldn't find one to let me do a walk-in test drive. Best deal I found was $2k ADM. The car is hideous in person, looks like a child's toy, but in black I could have lived with it... not with the $5k markup however on the cheapest black one that I found.

-STI was decent but it didn't feel like enough of a step up over my 2013 WRX. The interior was definitely roomier and pedal placement is better. Driving it was extremely familiar but, having test drove the RS an hour before, the STI felt so soft. Also, not a hatchback.

Anyway, I like my RS overall. It's a good car with some quirks.

The good:
-This thing is a beast in the twisties.
-Exhaust sounds great, sounds special unlike the Type R.
-Nice head unit and infotainment for stock.
-Good amount of torque available throughout the RPM band, not a lot of turbo lag.
-I like the look. It's sporty without being ridiculous.
-The ride is fine. Some reviews said that it was too harsh but I'm not seeing it.

The bad:
-The interior. It's worse than Subaru's current interior. For one, the car is pretty small. The trim is the cheapest possible plastic. The instrumentation is the same as any other Ford, not as good as Honda or Subie. Yes, the wheel is nice, the carbon fiber bits are nice, the shifter is great. Don't look beyond that or you'll be sad.
-Seating position takes some getting used to. I love the seat bolstering but the position isn't ideal. The passenger position is even worse.
-There's something going on, almost like torque steer but I don't get it from a launch. Where I get it is on WOT at higher speeds. The wheel wants to tug this way and that way as the car accelerates. Also, the RS tramlines like a mother. So it robs from your confidence a bit.
-No boost in first and limited boost in second gear, so it kinda doesn't "wake up" until third gear, I think. Can this be tuned out?

Still, it's been great so far, and I feel like I got a pretty good deal on it. The dealer came down $3500 or so from MSRP, and gave me a ton on my trade, at least $3500 over what it was worth. Some people have done even better with Ford phasing out the Focus and dealerships being ready to dump it, but I walked away happy with what I paid.
Your assesment is spot on with mine. Torque steer questions have you checked tire pressure? Lots of discussion on this in the Focus RS forum but usually at launch.

Boost is limited in the stock tune for 1st+2nd. You can absoletely tune this and wake the car up. I am staying stock for awhile becasuse even stock this car feels as fast or faster than my modded 16 Golf R or 15 WRX.
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