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Originally Posted by Maxwell Power View Post
didn't you blow up one hybrid already from detonation AND your stock block?

I can't believe you wouldn't spend the 350 bucks to have it done properly.
Good luck, I hope you enjoy building these things because it's going to happen again.
apparently.. you can tune around slapping your 2.0 head on a 2.5 block. there's some folks in my area that are supposed to be very good at doing this..

however, i'm planning on a hybrid build next year sometime and i absolutely will not put an unmodified 2.0 head on a 2.5 block if for no other reason having a bit more insurance. i think my stock CR is 8:1, the STIs i think are 8.2:1 (not sure) and the mentioned 8.5:1 here is the CR i have been thinking about going for IF i dont do 8:2 or 8:1.

the cost to do this is insignificant in my opinion compared with all the other things you will do to get the whole thing done. my biggest issue has been finding someone to even discuss how this is done. the attitude i have found is mostly put drop-in pistons in a new 2.5 STI block, slap your heads on and get a tune and forgettaboutit... this just doesnt work for me.
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