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Default V3 not connecting

Ok I really need some input on this issue I have, I'm very sorry if I posted this somehow wrong, I'm new here. So I bought a ap from Ebay, installed it and installed tunes on it, and it worked perfectly fine, then this year at around January in Spokane it was very cold freezing temps at night, and then in the morning I go to my car and my ap isnt connecting, It gets power, but when I press on gauges it just stays on the verify ignition is in the on position, and yes I did verify. And i can't change any tunes right now, and cant get a protune. So I contacted cobb, sent them my ecu, ap, and cord, they said buy a new cord, I did still same issue, then they said to check out the obd2 port pins, I had a new obd2 port wired In, still same issue, at this point I'm very annoyed of this, so I tried with a multi meter checking the pins from obd2 port to the pins that go to the ecu, the grounds, and all the other pins checked out perfectly fine, and yet the ap doesnt connect, I tried connecting a code scanner also and it works! Wtf!?!? And this is why I'm really confused, because a scanner works but the ap doesnt, I have absolutely no clue what I can try or do now to try and fix this issue, so I decided to turn to you guys if you guys have any ideas of what I could check. I also checked the ignition switch with a multimeter and works fine, I'm thinking its something with the ignition switch wires if only I could figure out what pin the ap uses to verify that the ignition switch is on, but cobb wouldn't tell me that. Really any help would be amazing!
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