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Originally Posted by Kebo View Post
And you would have no way to prove if someone stole your wallet?
None that I'm aware off.

Originally Posted by Kebo View Post
Then how is the 'address' linked to your 'wallet'?
Well I guess some info for the wallet is stored locally on your HDD, the transactions are part of the processed blocks. There's more questions I have along those lines as well but would require reading the whitepaper, which I haven't done yet. So I certainly don't have all the answers.

Originally Posted by Kebo View Post
Until you put money in or take money out, in which case there is a link to a name, bank account, etc.
Well the same might hold true to some extent with bitcoin if you purchase them or sell them for gov't issued currency. I can't be 100% certain as I haven't bought or sold any bitcoins but I think it's safe to assume the exchange website would track your account activity in their database. To what extent I don't know, maybe someone else here has used the bitcoin forex can provide more info.

Difference being people are 'mining' bitcoins, and they transfer them between themselves as well. You don't necessarily have to 'put money in' from another known account.
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