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^I absolutely agree on the niche within a niche comment. And I'm not saying the S209 is bad. I'm glad that Subaru is finally giving US buyers that option. I was just stating:

1) It's really expensive ($/performance) - but it's a rare niche car that people will pay for
2) It can't be compared to the 22B in terms of performance - it's not a modern day 22B

From one of my previous posts:
Originally Posted by WRXnick16;
People buy cars like this for many reasons.. personal preference, sentimental or emotional response, performance, reliability, rarity, finances (budget or depreciation/appreciation), popularity in the media, etc. You have every right to prefer the S209 and believe that its a better car. I'm simply stating that it's not the better performance car.. especially based on today's standards.. and IMO that's the point of a S edition - especially considering the high entry price. It's slower than a lot of modern rivals and comes with a higher price tag. The 22B was faster than most cars of its era for a similar price or less.

I personally would rather spend my money on a M2C for that price. I wouldn't be able to justify spending 2x what I spent on my '19 STI for a version that's slightly faster. The S209 will certainly be special and rare.. and worth the price of admission to some people. That person just isn't me. I'd certainly buy a $100k 22B over a $80k S209 if I had that kind of money to burn.
Personally, it comes down to the bolded statement above. While I have the financial resources to purchase a Type RA or probably a S209 (depending on the markups).. I can't justify spending over 2x what I spent on my '19 STI just for rarity and a bit more performance. I love that it has all of the little OEM/STI extras, but that's just not enough for me. But it will be for some. I'm sure the S209s will sell out immediately.

I've always believed in having fun cars that I'll actually drive. I wouldn't want to daily drive a $70k+, 200 unit special edition car.. I also wouldn't want to modify it with aftermarket parts or rack up mileage to hurt its resale value as a collector. So that crosses out quite a few things on your list for me:

4 doors - not buying it to DD or haul family, pets or groceries in
All wheel drive
Accessible self maintenance - honestly wouldn't want to drive it enough to need to do significant maintenance
Strong parts catalog (both aftermarket and replacement parts) - wouldn't want to modify it with aftermarket parts to damage the resale value
Limited to under 500 and numbered
Manual option
Exceptional safety rating - not planning on daily driving it for this to matter
Strong resell value

I'd still take the AWD and manual transmission for the rare occasions that I did drive it All of the things that you listed above (minus the limited production) are why I purchased and love my STI!
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