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Default I just did this swap successful 05 lgt

Basically what I used was an ej205 short block with JDM ej205 single avcs heads. I got two ej205s (usdm) for $400 and another blown JDM ej205 with a bad block for $40 with excellent heads (couple bent valves but I swapped those right out easy)
Original JDM sensors and cams were different, so I had to use my previous usdm ej255 cam sensors with my ej255 cams (ej205 had different sensor pickups on the end) my usdm ej255 cams fit perfectly into the JDM ej20 heads, the usdm cam sensors seemed a little loose and the bolt holes were in different positions on the JDM heads, had to tap new holes for the usdm sensors but she finally runs perfect, no check engine lights.
Our usdm cam sensors are very very sensitive, if you are doing this swap make absolutely sure they are in the identical position/place in the ej20 heads at first mine weren't and the engine barrrely ran (car wouldn't move) also did the idle relearn procedure. Getting into tuning now seems I have spark knock under load over 3k rpm when turbo spools, finally got vagcom cable to read/connect with ecuflash v.1.28 that's another subject. Good luck, just know it's very possible you just have to be patient and resilient/persistent. Better than paying 2-3 grand for another ej25 detonator engine ***128518;
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