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keep your heads and intake manifold. check out fred beans auto parts, sti longblocks with gasket install kit for 2500 plus shipping. READ HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF. DONT BE A MORON AND TAKE YOUR TIME IF YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION. new timing belt and 550cc - 750CC {depends on turbo} injectors with opensource tune. keep your stock turbo and upgrade when you get the extra bucks. Also look into a better free flowing exhaust even if its the cheap $100 ebay headers, down pipe, up pipe try for catless and get a force pass on your opensource. when you tune for fuel put the wideband sensor 3 ft from end of exaust, if you have no cats....If cats put it in the downpipe, one that has a 12 o clock location right after the turbo... after tune ONLY when you know your maps and a.f. is good remove wideband. get an 18 or 20g turbo when you upgrade, if not vf39 will work. keep your stock airbox if you want, if not, its just another thing your tuning for. 255 walbro fuel pump as well. Cams at this point will be a good idea. If you have over 70 thousand miles on your heads, have em rebuilt. Theres no sense in putting heads with bad guides that are leaking oil around the valves into your fresh pimpin sti block. my 02 cents..{sense}...common sense..

No matter what you do to your WRX you will always want dccs.
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