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Default Reserved thread for cars tuned by me for your entertainment

Hello everybody, my name is Alex as you may already know by my username. I have been meaning to start a thread and post the cars I tune, some of you may find it entertaining.

Most of these cars will be Subarus, although if its ok with the mods I might throw in some other cars here and there but I will try to keep it strictly Subaru related.

Short story about why I tune: I got into tuning many years ago after getting my bugeye wrx. I quickly figured you can't just bolt thing on without a tune. Also figured out that tuning is extremely expensive! So I started reading a lot and making small changes to the tune on my personal vehicle. As the years went on I got more experienced at tuning and started tuning other peoples cars.

Most of these will be logs ran through Virtual Dyno and may not be as accurate as I would like them to be as far as power numbers but they will still show spool/boost/afr.

Anyway I would like to start off with this Black 09 Hatch I'm currently working on remotely.

Car: 2009 JDM STI
Location: Commonwealth of Dominica
Elevation: Pretty much sea level
Weather: HOT 90+
Fuel: 95 Ron on first graph and 95 ron plus VP octanium unleaded and spraying methanol on the second graph
Boost: Straight pump is 19ish psi, octane booster plus methanol injection 27.5psi

Stock Transmission
2.5L nitrited crankshaft
Manley Htuff rods
Manley stroker pistons 8.5:1
Heads and cams are stock
FIC1000cc injectors
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
KSTech 73mm cold air intake
Front Mount intercooler
Unequal length headers of some sort
Uppipe with 38mm tial EWG
Grimmspeed 3 port
FPBlue Turbo(non antisurge)
Catless exhaust
Snow performance methanol injection system
Stock ECU tuned on the stock rom still using MAF

Here is straight pump gas, numbers are probably off by a bit as its hard to find a perfectly flat stretch on this island.

Ok here is the graph with VP octanium unleaded plus meth spraying, wideband disconnected during the pull but I have the AFR in the high 10s so if the meth system fails maybe it will not blow up immediately. This run was done on as flat of a stretch of road as possible

Methanol tune vs pump
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