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I'm not really planning on going bigger right now. Maybe down the road, but I doubt it. I'm pretty happy with the top end. I think the turbo is one of the better options in terms of spool and top end. Take a look at the ball bearing / billet 20Gs turbos... similar spool and power.... on a 2.5L. And this is on a 2.0L with potentially another 5-20 HP in it? Impressive turbo, I think. I expected it to top out around the ID1000s, and it has exceeded my expectations on that end. I expected it to spool slightly later than a vf39, and it has pretty much matched that expectation, potentially exceeding it. I don't really know where a vf39 spools on an EJ207.

I'm already on the edge of capability for a 5MT, and gonna try to keep that tranny in one piece, so I'm in no rush to upgrade further. I know people who have wrecked 5MTs with WAY less power, but I tend to be pretty gentle on shifts.

If anything, I've been wanting to build the old EJ205 block into something of a dialy driver oriented E85 only engine with the 79mm crank for 2.1L stroker. ~11:1, maybe even higher CR and running something like 14-15psi at spool tapering up to ~18-20 as the turbo runs out of steam at lower boost levels. The stroke and CR should offer maybe 10-20% or so more range on E85 and give a ton more off-boost torque, but keep the rest of the torque curve similar to how it is now for 5MT friendliness. Tune for a relatively flat ~300 TQ from 3500-6500 kind of thing, where my current chart is ~4000-6500. Broaden the torque band rather than raise the HP.

I'm getting fuel starve on hard right hands right now even around 1/2 a tank. 1/4 tank will completely stall on a hard right due to fuel slosh. So that's the more immediate concern. Having to look at the fuel gauge when I want to have fun sucks. Filling up every 100-120 miles so I don't have to watch the fuel gauge sucks too. I need to do some baffling around the fuel pump hangar to help with the fuel slosh and get the return feeding into that baffling. No plans on a surge tank or anything major, the car is a fun daily, and I want to be sure not to turn it into a racecar that's not fun to daily. I've seen too many people go overboard and they can only really enjoy the car a couple hours on the weekend. This is a commuter for me, and I'm not going to take it too far.
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