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Originally Posted by paulpat View Post
nice. I cant believe your still on the stock 5mt?!?! I blew mine and knew it was coming. edit: I see you have a forester trans.

Can you elaborate on the fuel pump issue? I was planning on running e85 in a year and with similar injectors. My salary will dictate a ej207 swap. Is this a normal issue with 1000cc injectors and upgraded fuel pump?
My original 5MT didn't break. It had some synchro issues and it was leaking around the input shaft seal, not bad for over 180k miles. I picked up the FXT transmission and put an OBX limited slip into it since my tranny had to come out anyway and I'm not a struggling college student or anything. I somewhat regret not going 6 speed, but what's done is done.

I don't think it's really any stronger than a WRX transmission of the same year. The ratios are the same, so I have to assume the gears are the same.

The fuel pump issue is that there isn't the same amount of baffling in the WRX fuel tank as the STi. On hard right turns, the car goes right and the fuel all goes left, leaving the pump without fuel. It has nothing to do with the pump directly, but higher fuel flows make the problem worse. I wonder if this is partially due to the OBX diff, I'm definitely able to get on it sooner in a corner with the torsen diff.

Awesome setup, that's a huge powerband! Any noticeable heatsoak with the process west top mount at this power level? How do you like the drivability and response of the turbo, impressions?
I'm running SD with the IAT in the stock location still, I don't know how hot air is actually coming out of the IC. The airflow is on a level that should be able to be handled by a TMIC. You may notice that I'm running "near" several limits. My injectors are AT the limit, the turbo is NEAR the limit, the fuel pump is near the limit of the stock fuel pump controller, the 5MT is near the limit, the TMIC is near the limit... this was the plan from the beginning. I had decided early not to go huge, I'm just not that kind of guy. I'm an engineer who planned the limits of all components to correspond closely to minimize extraneous cost. Boring in a crowd filled with bigger is always better, but the result is a car that is all around very balanced and very comfortable as a daily driver. If I ever want to go bigger, there's a whole slew of things that I have to be concerned about.

As I implied by comparing it to my old 18G / EJ205 setup, drivability is much improved. Turbo response is great above threshold, and like any turbo, it kinda sucks below threshold.

A lot of the drivability comes from the AVCS and the 4.44 tranny.
I've come to the realization that the EJ205 is downright flawed. A high revving block design with heads that can't rev, all coupled to a tranny that appears to have a terrible 1st and 2nd for the engine... presumably to not have to shift to 3rd for a 0-60 magazine number. No turbo will fix those flaws. There are people looking for "just the right turbo" to make the EJ205 feel great. I used to be one of those people. Eventually I realized the turbo isn't the problem. Some of these same issues existed with the TD04.

AVCS and the 4.44 transmission has done a lot to help with that issue. Say I'm coming onto a light that turns green just as I'm slowing to it. There is a left turn light like this on my commute, as I get to it, the sensors turn the light green for me. In the 3.9 transmission, I'd have the option of starting 2nd at <2k RPM and chugging it out, or going through the awful downsift to 1st and potentially bucking. I'm talking just normal everyday smooth driving here, not racing.

With the 4.44 final, and the extra pull from the AVCS it's much easier to stay in 2nd and go. you're at higher RPMs, so the engine is happier, and there's more pull from the engine due to the extra airflow from AVCS.

As I've said in some of the threads in the 2.0L forum. The EJ205 has deep design flaws preventing it from having a comfortable drivability. If you want to fix them, you have to be prepared to replace major components of the drivetrain (engine, heads and/or transmission). Once you do, the car just feels a LOT better.

The turbo is nice, but the engine and transmission is a major part of the drivability. This turbo or even the smaller 6258 will not solve the inherent flaws in the 02-05 WRX.
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