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Originally Posted by littlewhitewagon View Post
I did, I don't know the person who shot the video, so if the suspension was soft, then it would be easier to get the droop and travel.

So ultimately, we are saying that almost all of the Japanese coilovers don't offer the performance that the Euro ones offer because of droop travel? Don't get me wrong, I am ok to spend the $2k-$2.5k on new suspension since it's time, but I like that firm feeling and not a lot of body roll. I really don't like the idea of the spring being uncontrolled and unseated if the suspension droops all the way.

So this leaves us with AST, KW v3, what else?

Personally, the dual height adjustable coilover idea is nice since the ride height doesn't change the preload on the spring, and it keeps the spring nice and tight in there. Is there a coilover which can offer the ability to droop and adjust height without changing travel and spring control?

I'm not trying to be a skeptic or argue for the sake of it. I'm just not a suspension pro and my experience is limited to the parts that come to me from people I have relationships with.
It's williaty's car in the video. It was shot by TIC. If memory serves he was running D-Spec's in that video but I could be wrong.

As pretty much everyone has stated stiffer springs are not going to make droop not needed. Stiffer springs will cause the suspension to not react as well to bumps, possibly lifting a tire in which it will easily cause the shock droop. On the track it's not as big of a deal as normally the track is smoother than roads, but for the average road in the US droop IS important. Stiffer suspension can help compensate for lack of bump travel, but again, this can cause the car to unsettle. I rather have my wheels try and maintain contact with the road at all times rather and F1 it around corners and after hitting bumps and 2 or 3 wheel the car

I can tell you for a fact that my car running 500/400 T2 units easily uses up the entire amount of droop on normal roads.

AST, KW and Ohlins all use helper springs to control preload. I've never unseated a spring and I've had all 4 wheels off the ground before and haven't unseated a spring. The helper spring when compressed doesn't affect the overall spring rate of the unit. It's simply there for when you go into droop that you don't unseat the spring as it will stay preloaded.
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