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Aggie113 - every time I see a super car or some hot modified car at the track I think to myself, "they/we will all end up in a Miata one day" hahah

There have been some updates since I created that original email above...

Eagle's Canyon (ECR) - Decatur, Texas -
They finally totally re-poured the entire track and the full track (now 2.7mi vs the original 2.5mi) reopened. I was there first on 11/24/19 for four 15min HPDE sessions - a lot to learn with this new config. Do not assume the section that is still like the old config is 100% unchanged!

Wow, I love the track. Way better then when I drove it last in 2012 when it was already falling apart. Back then they tried to fix it but concrete was coming up so bad in chunks that it would have totaled my car. Now the track is glass smooth and beautiful again and I like the new config much better than the original one. Everyone needs to get out there and get some rubber down on the track to increase its grip! This track deserves a re-visit if you have not been there after the Nov 2019 reopening. Keep safe out there!

Harris Hill Road (H2R) - San Marcos, Texas -
Has now also been TOTALLY resurfaced! I have yet to revisit but I thought it was a fun track but the back straight was horribly bumpy. Not anymore! I look forward to going back.

I did not mention previously but for historical reasons wanted to note that I am sad to say that TWS has closed permanently and rumored Bluebonnet will not be built.

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