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Originally Posted by subeman90 View Post
well mine was in the car and we are talking about Baja's here not phase 1 transmissions.
So I actually did this, not a shop.
1) you need access to all the bolts on the exterior or the case, this would be difficult with it in the tunnel
2) To get the end casing off the shifter forks you need to tilt it at some funny angles, nevermind getting it back on with the forks in the right position. This would be next to impossible in the tunnel.
3) The 3 large nuts on the ends of the shafts need are locked and need to be unlocked with a chisel then you take an impact wrench to get them off.
4) The 50mm nut holding 5th gear is very difficult to take off and requires a special tool or two 50mm sockets welded together.
5) The 5th gear shift fork needs to be removed by hammering out the roll pin.
6) 5th gear had to be pressed/pulled off with a very fine toothed gear puller.
7) This all has to be put together nicely with everything clean as it is the inside of a transmission so that it seals well and does not leak. Good luck doing that in the transmission tunnel.

I'm not saying I don't believe you, but that mechanic you had do this has to be the most skilled mechanic I've every heard of. I do all my own work and this is not my first transmission to take apart, and this was a very technical and difficult job for me. I did it with a spare transmission and swapped them.

Maybe I'm off topic, but I gave the info for phase 1 transmissions, in case any one with a phase 1 tries to do this. There isn't much info on the net on doing this swap and I thought it would be helpful info. Swapping the synchro hub assembly is easy, you just need to source it.

BTW, I've got it in, it's working, and God it is beautiful. Car is so much nicer and quieter at speed, I'm passing everyone and wondering why they're going so slow, look at my speedo and realize I'm going too fast.

And power, I'm running a TD05 which spools a little later 3300 to 3500 rpms, and I've still got plenty of passing power in 5th with the .738 and 4.11 final drive. I don't recommend anything higher for a US Highway cruising gear.

Thanks for your write up and helpful information, it inspired me to do this swap, just adding to the info.
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