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Originally Posted by lag View Post
I'm going through my computer crap to see what I want to keep and get rid of. I had the two OEM dell power supplies for my xps13 and started to **** around to see if I could find a reason they both don't work with the problem seeming to NOT be the power port on the laptop. I've used an old power supply from something I had that worked, it does have the same power specs as the dell bricks, but it will NOT charge since the computer can't 'talk' to the power supply. I could use the power supply from the dell "doc" that wasn't really a doc to sometimes coax the computer to charge. It wasn't as much of a nightmare as it might sound but I was getting ready to finally get something new but was able to get one of the two OEM power bricks to work. Sometimes. I have do various unplug/plug one side in or the other and it'll eventually turn on. It puts me back on the fence about getting something new and might just wait another year if this holds up.

For linux folk that want laptops these guys come highly recommended. I was was going to get their lower end 14" laptop with some upgrades. I wouldn't mind another xps13 but you can't get them without 8GB of ram... in 2019. Bull****.
That Dell smart charging crap was always a nightmare. I think it was all just a scam to force you into buying OEM power adapters, but half the time it failed and laptops wouldn't charge no matter what.

I'm so glad USB-C is everywhere now. Proprietary charging bull**** ftl
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