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Default 2019 STI - New wheels/tires, now it's darty/wobbly under acceleration

Hey guys,

Like the title says, I (and by "i" I mean costco lol) just put my winter setup on my '19 STI today and now the car seems to be "wobbly" or unstable under acceleration.

If I had to pick a side it was pulling to, I'd say right, because the one time I actually let my hands off the wheel and hit the gas, it pulled right. but it's not a clear cut "pulling to one side" issue overall, It's just more that under hard acceleration, the front end now seems to almost "float" a little bit and get a little wobbly and I need to keep a firm grip on the wheel and keep adjusting. This is my first performance car btw so my lack of other experience may be making explaining this extra difficult. Hopefully everything I'm saying is making sense.

The car felt rock solid under acceleration in its stock form. This is a new issue that was apparent immediately after I put the new tires and wheels on today.

Car in its current state seems rock solid on the hwy, not really getting any bad vibrations or anything like that

Wheels: 18x8.5 +44 Rota Titan

Tires: Blizzak WS90 245/40r18

Any ideas guys? I tend to be on the anxious side so I'm really hoping I'm just overthinking things. However, I noticed it immediately as I pulled out of the shop and have since done about 50 miles of test driving tonight and I really don't think I'm just being paranoid. It's minor overall but definitely drives different than it did this morning.

Bad Alignment?

Just a different feeling with the winter tires that are softer and have a taller sidewall?

the wheels that are an inch smaller and nearly 10lbs each lighter than the stocks making things feel less stable?
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