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Yep, F1 will bleed off fans in the transition to FE. I don't see F1 "stealing FE's lunch and going all electric", unless it's a merger situation from the FIA. The F1 name has so much more cache and value that when the time comes that FE is ready for primetime, I could see the FIA merging the 2 series rather than trying to manage competing series where 1 is dying and the other is growing. It's going to happen quickly, I think, because F1 just started a new phase of growth under Liberty, so talking about the death of F1 feels weird now. Emphasis on "now."

Investment in F1 will drop as electric is the future but viewership will lag behind and stay with F1 until FE is producing a competitive or even better product. And viewership means sponsors which means money, so it will be interesting to watch the different big players at the table (manufacturers, title sponsors, etc) and where/when they place their bets in a changing environment. Even if FE cars are as fast as F1 cars and produce more or less identical racing on the same circuits, the FE brand just doesn't have the market cap that F1 does, so the overall growth will still lag even though they're producing a comparable product to F1. I think that's where F1 will stick around beyond its actual competitiveness. Even if someone makes a better product, a lot of consumers will stick with what they know until the inevitable transition forces their hand. The trick will be transitioning them to FE and not losing them altogether.
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