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Originally Posted by crobin4 View Post
Oh! My bad, I think the split in the measurement from the centerline of the two front bolt holes on the turbine inlet flange threw me off.
Agreed! Thank You!
I have a bad feeling the people that the people that want the small frame turbos are going to be screwed into the same situation we've always been in. If we make turbine housing small enough to have boost response and boost onset the way it should for the turbo in question, then it's going to be too choked down at the top end for the engine/compressor combo to reach it's potential.
I don't think they have any plans on doing TS turbine housings on the small frame turbos. I've heard hints in several places that it's not going to happen. I REALLY hope this is not the case. I realize they have had (and continue to have) enough problems with the IWG TS housings on the B2 Frames, that they may not want to deal with in the B1 frames, too. Hell, if you don't have 2.0L engine and smaller and have to use a state of the art turbo in a marginal situation you may as well buy a Garrett or a Mitsu Hybrid Turbo. I WILL not buy SS turbo for a 2.5L Engine, period. And I will not spend $3000 on a bolt-on TS Garrett Hybrid. For my needs/wants, I'll go track down a slightly used VF42 or VF56 first.
Rant over, Sorry. More in hoping that Brock(?) at BW sees it or it is relayed, more so than for your guys consumption.
My situation is: I have a 7500 rpm engine and I would rather have it with a 2500-7500 rpm power band, rather than having a 9000 rpm engine with a 4000-9000 rpm power band. Sure the 7500rpm engine isn't going ever make 500wHP wilst having wide powerband. But it will be far more useful and $10,000 dollars less expensive, and still using mostly all factory engineering parts (save for pistons,rings,bolts, and bearings).
What I really want is a 6258 with the TS IWG housing, on a 2.5L engine, should produce the same peak power numbers as a 6758 while keeping the spool and boost response of the SS and having more area under the curve. The 6758 with the SS IWG Housing is border line useless on a 2.5L but looks good on a 2.0L. The EFR 7163, 7063,and 7670 could end the GT35r fad. I just don't need that much power.
Thinks for listening, guys!
Needed to get it of my chest.
Just found a press release from Borg Warner dated October 24, 2012 in which they specifically state that the new EFR 7163 will be available with optional T4 TS housing. End of first paragraph on page 2:
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