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Originally Posted by sixtoo View Post
I finally took the initiative to install the new spring/strut combo yesterday. I took some pics and measurementsÖ

The only mods I have on the car at this moment, other than the springs/struts, are a Whiteline rear strutbar and a FHI 20mm rear swaybar. I am also running some Pirelli Pzero Nero M+S tires on my stock wheels (235-45-17). Perhaps this will put my driving impressions in context.

My initial and overall reaction is extremely positive. I am very satisfied with the look of the drop and the better handling characteristics. High speed turns are extremely controlled where the car is very and stable. During transitions, the car has lost a lot of that floaty feel. The car is so much easier to rotate, feels very agile, and is much more predictable. Keep in mind I havenít done any adjusting of the struts yet. Iím hoping to learn which preference suits my needs best in the next week or two.

There are some issues regarding comfort, that I find personally negligible when compared to the added benefit of better handling, I feel should be addressed before anyone considers purchasing this setup. My initial goal was to choose a very fun setup, that wasnít as harsh as my old Cusco Zero2 or Tanabe SS-Pro coilovers used on my old bugeye wagon, that wouldnít sacrifice daily driving comfort. Iíll just bluntly say that the post compression rebound is a bit jarring at slow speeds over road imperfections (dips, speed bumps, potholes). Itís funny because I find myself slowing down dramatically when nearing these obstacles now. Iím hoping that increasing the dampening will help alleviate the harsh rebound caused by the springs in these slow conditions (5-15mph).

To sum everything up, I wanted a set-it-and-forget-it package with good handling and half decent comfort. The RCE springs have exceeded my expectations because I feel they are very comfortable on the road conditions I use them in. They handle extremely well and make the car a blast to drive. I have no qualms with slowing down, or avoiding obstacles, for the sake having a more comfortable ride around town. I am very happy with these parts.

Moving forward, I have decided that my alignment goal is negative 2 degrees up front and negative 1 degree in the rear, 0 toe all around. I think this will help me have a little fun while preserving tire life. I recently purchased two sets of the Ingallís camber bolts to help with this goal. Does anyone know if these specs are easily attainable with my setup? If not, I guess Iíll just install my sedan control arms.

Here are a couple of links for those who want a more detailed pic of what the drop looks like. Sorry, my camera skills aren't that good...

Awesome pictures with measurements....i know a lot of people were waiting to see that. Thanks and PM sent.

- Andrew
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