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Please keep in mind that JDM applied model code information does not exactly match US applied model codes which doesn't match European/Australian applied model codes, etc.

In Japan "GC" is used for both 4 and 2 door models while in US they chose to designate the 2 door with a different code "GM".

Also, the 4th digit designates the series or year. For example:

GC8G4FD ... the "G" in the 4th position indicates it is a 2000 MY (Version 6). Production dates for JDM GC/GF series are:

"A" = 11/92 - 09/93 or Model year 1993
"B" = 10/93 - 08/94 or Model Year 1994
"C" = 09/94 - 08/96 or Model Years 1995 and 1996... MY 1996 was assigned Version 2 by STi
"D" = 09/96 - 08/97 or Model Year 1997 ... STi assigned this year Version 3
"E" = 09/97 - 08/98 or Model Year 1998 ... STi Version 4
"F" = 09/98 - 08/99 or Model Year 1999 ... STi Version 5
"G" = 09/99 - 07/00 or Model Year 2000 ... STi Version 6

When the GD/GG series Impreza was released in 2001 the series started over at "A" again. STi no longer applied a designation of "Version XX"...this is something that everybody else chose to continue in the interest of easy reference. In the US the series designations rarely correspond exactly to JDM designations because we often get a model a year behind Japan.

Continuing on....the 5th digit of the applied model code, as someone mentioned, indicates the number of doors. The 6th and 7th digits indicates specific equipment packages.

Regarding engine codes....these can be found on the timing cover sticker or on a sticker located on the back of the cylinder head. There are usually other numbers and such stamped into the block and head castings but these are production numbers and are not easily used for identification purposes. The engine codes used for identification should start with "EJ" for any of the later Subaru applications (Impreza, Legacy, Forester, SVX, etc.).

Digit 1 & 2...."EJ" indicates that it is one of the current boxer series motors. The EJ series started production in the mid/late eighties.

Digit 3 & 4.... displacement in liters. Example 2.0L = "20"

Digit 5.... engine series and fuel system used.

Digit 6....emissions regulations.

Digit 7....transmission type the engine was designed for. "W" = manual trans, "X" = auto trans

Digit 8,9, and 10 ...indicates minor production changes or various specification differences.

For example....ej2070w2pr-14e 917 639 gh10

This is 2.0L EJ-series motor from STi ("7" in 5th digit indicates high output version of the 2.0L MPI turbo motor used from 1999 on). I am guessing the 6th digit is a "D" and not an "O" like you indicated which would indicate a JDM spec. The "W" would indicates is out of a manual trans car. The "2" would indicate its a Version 6. The "PR" indicates that it is a standard STi (not an RA which would be "PJ"). The rest of the numbers after the dash are probably some serial number for the actual engine.

Transmission identification codes start with a "T" and an example would be:


"T" = transmission code

"Y" = that it is a manual awd gearbox

"85" = the transmission the case of manual gearboxes this number indicates the gear shaft spacing in millimeters. 6-speed transmissions use an 85mm shaft spacing while the current generation of 5-speed transmissions use a 75mm shaft spacing.

"6" = some reference to the transmission case. "6" is used for 6-speeds, "4" is used for 8-bolt 5-speeds, "2" for 4-bolt Impreza 5-speeds, "5" for Forester 8-bolt 5-speeds, "3" for 4-bolt Forester 5-speeds, and "7" for some Legacy turbo 8-bolt 5-speeds.

"W" = transmission specification. "W" is 6-speed, "V" is 5-speed, "Z" = AT with MPT, "Y" = AT with VTD, etc.

"B1AA" = indicates various details about the equipment such as center diff. type, front LSD, etc. and also about minor production changes.

We have an extensive listing of transmission code information on our site at

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