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Default Article: How to Choose Street and Track Brake Pads

Hi Guys,
I wanted to post a link to an article I recently wrote about how to choose street and track brake pads. I know this has always been a popular topic on this forum, and one that creates a lot of confusion.

This is NOT an article promoting a specific brand or brands. It is intended to lay out the thought processes and variables that go into choosing a pad for any street or track condition.

As a representative for some of the top brake manufacturers in the aftermarket for the past 7 years, I’ve had the chance to address this topic in countless conversations with customers online, over the phone, or in person. Until now though, I’ve never had the time to pull my thoughts together and present them in a cohesive manner.

My hope is that this article will prevent some of the repetitive “what are the best brake pads?” questions we’ve all seen a million times. With a fundamental understanding of this topic in hand, we can hopefully elevate future conversations on this topic to a higher, more productive level.

I’d post the article here in its entirety, but it would probably take me 20 posts!

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