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are you trying to install an EJ25 into a 1991 legacy?

1994 and earlier are OBDI and not compatible but you have some options:

1. bolt the 1991 heads onto the EJ25 block - then you just use the 1991 intake and electronics.

2. install the 1991 wiring harness onto the EJ25 intake manifold. then drop the entire lump into the car - it'll be an EJ25 with 1991 wiring/electronics.

i'm unfamiliar with doing it that way on 1994 and earlier stuff as they're all rusted away and i avoid them like that plague anyway. but it works in other swaps and these are so similar it probably does here as well.

Since I don't know 1994 stuff...i'm starting to guess right now - so the below is a mix of probable and possible:

you'd want to install any 1991 sensors that are different from the EJ25 sensors. you can check opposed forces or ebay for which sensors are the same or not.

TPS is certainly different - swap the 1991 TPS onto the EJ25 - if it works, i'm unsure?
Or swap the entire 1991 throttle body with TPS/idle controller onto the EJ25...again
i'm unsure.

knock sensor, TPS, idle control, cam, crank, and ignition coil are the major ones.
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