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Originally Posted by WReXd View Post
EDIT: I'm not sure Coolingmist's hsv works the way I thought. After doing some reading, it seems to me like their valve may be a proportional valve (works sort of like a variable restrictor) instead of a high-speed on/off valve. Maybe Coolingmist will chime in.
You can run this valve several different ways, its easily one of the most flexible valves on the market.

Option #1 is you can PWM the valve with a fixed frequency, increased current=increased flow. You can think of this as dutycycle based. This is identical to they way most progressive controllers PWM a pump except the valve is much faster, hence high speed. The term high speed refers to the fact that it can change the flow rate, very, very fast with low hysterisis.

You can use a 0-5V. Your 0-5V signal MUST be able to produce 5 Watts at 5V. This can work using NO frequency at all. No PWM signal. 5 volts means it opens all the way, 0 volts=closed, the orifice opening will be relational to the voltage. This is a very fast way to work the valve and the valve will not buzz like a bumble bee. If your circuit cannot handle 5 W at 5 volts you need a driver board (we can supply them for you). This driver board will take your 0-5V signal and amplify it.

You can increase the ontime of the valve and run it dutycycle wise. for example.

at 1000 HZ you can run 5 volts for 1/2 ms, go to 0 for 1/2 ms to obtain 50% dutycycle.

Program your circuit for how you want it to work.

We have this working on a Haltech as low as 30 HZ. Its max frequency is 15,000 HZ

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