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I sell these and just helped walk a member through installation and thought I could help some others. RSBlood, great write up. I hope this will help end some of the pm's you are getting. The basics, the primary on the coil get power all the time. The computer controls the ground side. The computer will ground the coil for only a few milliseconds, when the ground is released the field collapses and the secondary fires the spark plug. The bee-r keeps the coil grounded preventing the secondary from firing the plug. Older cars use one ignition signal wire (controlled ground) for the system. The wrx has coil on plug thus 4 separate ignition signal wires.
Diodes are used to keep the 4 ignition signals separate. Think of a diode as a check valve for electricity. It will allow current to flow in one direction but not the other. If you hook the green wire straight to the 4 ignition signal wires, every time the ecu grounds one wire it will ground them all. This will cause all the coils to fire every time the ecu grounds one coil, lots of misfires, poor spark intensity, etc.
The diodes are installed so current can flow to the bee-r. This enables the bee-r to ground all 4 coils to prevent ignition. At the same time, when one coil grounds under normal conditions it prevents the other coils from back feeding to that ground.
Diagnosing problems. If you wire the unit properly, like rsblood, it should work fine. If you start the car and it is skipping without being on the limiter, cut the single green wire before it is split into 4. If the car still skips you have a problem with the diodes or wires touching each other. If the car runs properly after cutting the single green wire, you have a problem with the yellow rpm signal or an internal problem with the bee-r unit. Remember, 1 bad diode will cause all 4 coils to ground every time the ecu grounds to fires that cylinder. Hope that helps, if you are interested in purchasing a unit or have other questions send me a pm.
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