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BugI w/ 07 STi Swap


Originally Posted by silentt View Post
How/where did you get one of those??
It was at Toys R Us right next to the Game Boys

Originally Posted by bugeye-brawler View Post
for the immobilizer i saw someone take the piece out of their remote then place it in their steering column I think with super glue or something is this a viable alternative?

o which reminds me would i use my original key or the key from the swap when this is all over or does it depend if i swap the column?
You could theoretically take the ring off of the lock cylinder or at least the wiring/sensor but I haven't seen that done. Then you could take the chip out and permanently attach it to the steering column.
For me... I wanted the added security of the immobilizer, but I had the luxury of having all of the parts including the complete set of locks from the car. It did take me a while to find the immobilizer code through a friend at Subaru, but I was able to do that just through the VIN.

Originally Posted by bugeye-brawler View Post
i'm planning to convert the interior as well so those shouldn't be a problem... as for the door cards is the install pretty straight forward?
Ah I forgot to mention the doorcards... yes on the 05+ the design changed. All of the 04 and earlier switches clip right into the 05+ door surrounds just fine, but the issue is the mirror adjustment switch. When you convert to an 05+ center console you lose your spot for the original one, and it gets moved to the drivers side door. So I did all of the 05+ center console stuff and door card stuff complete, again to retain the whole plug and play thing. There is a thread on NASIOC somewhere that I used to determine what parts I could reuse (like the switches themselves), and which parts I had to buy to do the conversion. I believe after you have the door cards and the mirror adjustment switch, its under $100 worth of new parts to convert.
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