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The OBS? Oh, you mean the one that shares 90% of it's drivetrain with other Impreza bretheren. You want to be able to ask questions about its suspension? Add RS struts/springs and RS sway bars and now you can ask all your RS questions.

Seriously guys, there isn't that much difference. They are all built on a corresponding sedan/coupe chassis. The powertrain is shared between others in the Subaru lineup. Brakes, power, sway-bars, etc etc... if you don't like it then upgrade it with parts from another model. So the body kits are different... so what. It's not going to perform any different from the sedan. Suspension? The concepts are the same, just apply them to the wagon. What we really have is a slightly heavier, more balanced sedan. Sounds to me like there is a lot of misconception as to what is really different between models.

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