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This is what I used for some of the information: . Using this, I was assuming the nomenclature was derived from just the VIN. Upon further investigation, it looks like its actually the model code, not the VIN. See here: .

garface, I wasn't sure if the '8' was 2.0L turbo or just STi. I also spaced the MY01 vs MY02 in other countries.

Jaxx, I have no information on the 2000+ Legacies. I had thought there was another chassis redesign in there somewhere, but I don't have any docs detailing that. I'd need somebody with those models to jump on here and fill me in.

GCE and GME? Are you sure on that one? My 2000 RS is JF1GM6... Perhaps, did the VIN stay the same but the applied model code changed to GCE/GME to indicate the SOHC engine? My MY96 Wagon VIN is JF1GF6, but the applied model code is GFC. My MY02 WRX Wagon VIN is JF1GG2, but the applied model code is GGA. It looks to me like somebody has confused the two and so now we have a mixture of VINs and model codes. So which is correct? GG2 or GGA? GF6 or GFC?

I'm now confused and I wrote this dang post.

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