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If the car breaks it's going to have a warranty. STI or WRX will be the same. Also, repair costs are pretty much the same. The oil change is a bit more complicated on the STI, but the costs of maintenance are almost the same; even the dealer charges the same for regular maintenance WRX and STI. In my case, I'm also paying the same insurance rate (cost went up a bit because at the time my WRX was 3yr old vs a brand new STI). Gas is a lot more $, so that has to go into the budget.

If the guy's going to modify an STI, he will modify the WRX as well. So if it breaks and gets no warranty coverage, it's going to be the same conversation STI or WRX. Modifying a WRX for power will be a bit cheaper though.

But I think the most important is:
If the future wife is going to drive this car, then get the WRX. She will HATE the STI. My initial reply sort of revolved around having 2 cars... but if it's going to be a shared/family car get the WRX. Do some simple warranty safe mods to improve a bit on it, but the wife will enjoy the WRX a lot more.

WRX feels a bit weaker or whatever... but that also makes it simpler to drive and deal with. The STI you kind of have to be a car person to enjoy.

If you add heavy city driving, she will not only hate it, but set fire to the STI.

Edit to add:
To give perspective, I had a 2016 WRX because my wife was also going to drive it, and she did for about 2yrs. But then, situation changed and she got a new car, so it was only me using it... I got the STI and it's incalculably better; but the WRX was plenty good. The wife initially hated it, but then she started actually appreciating it after getting subie waves and being able to gun it with power on demand. She now hates the STI, mostly because of the wing and rumble. But she doesn't drive it, so i don't care.
We've been married 10+ yrs, dated 5 or so yrs before. Now have 2 boys and we take lots of family summer and winter/snow trips. The kids love the STI waaaaaaaay more than the WRX. So that settles it. Crushing defeat.
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