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Originally Posted by JustyWRC View Post
Well, none of those stats are "light years" ahead.

And to compare it to cars that are less practical just doesn't work. I'd wager MOST buyers get one because of it's practicality. Less so since the departure of the 5 door; but, still 4 doors and better all weather. Someone will certainly chime in with "oh, I can drive in the snow just fine with my Mustang" but, the reality is, how many do you see out in bad weather? Surely far less than in better weather. Whereas Subaru owners typically just don't care what the weather is outside. Also, get any one of those cars and lets resell them together in 8-10 years and lets see who gets more money back.

MY point is purely price for what you are getting. People paid out the ass for the 22B. Still are actually. They won't be paying as much for this car, that does perform better and has a lot more features than back then. YOU don't want to buy one? Great. Probably another good reason to keep it to 200 units. Depending on what Subaru offers in the future, this car may be something special down the road. If they come out with some baller offerings with the SGP, then probably not.
So now the argument has evolved into the S209 being hopefully cheaper, more comfortable, and a more practical daily driver in the snow? and will retain a good resale value in 10 years after the abuse of daily driving?

The 22B competed with supercars. The S209 will not. It's not any faster than the 22B was 22 years ago. End of story.
Want a practical AWD car that's faster for similar money? The new CLA 45 AMG with the M139 engine.. and it's even a 5-door hatchback with better fuel economy.
Want a car that's faster for more money (and that was slower than the 22B in 1998)? M5.

Those performance stats aren't "light years" ahead? There are cars now that do 0-60 mph in 2.2 seconds and run 9s in the 1/4 mile. That was once only sport-bike territory. The $1 million dollar 1998 McLaren F1 only managed 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds and finished the 1/4 mile in 11.1 seconds. A $60k 2020 Corvette (base model) can reach 60 mph faster at 2.9 seconds and finish the 1/4 mile in 11.3 seconds.. yet you don't think cars have significantly improved over the last 22 years despite the same or better level of performance being achieved for a fraction of the cost?!?

Yet Subaru has chosen to use the same engine technology and EJ platform for how long now? Why haven't they evolved and gotten faster?

The snow argument? You think people are going to drive their ultra-rare $70k+ S209 in the snow? If someone daily drives their S209, racks up the miles, and starts to rust because of winter driving - how much do you think it's going to be worth in 8-10 years with all the wear & tear? It certainly won't appreciate in value and be a collector's car then.

The S209 won't be meaningfully faster (if at all) than the 22B and certainly doesn't compete with the level of cars that the 22B did. Who cares about "features" on a rare performance car that will mostly be garaged? The S209 has a few "STI tuned" parts and a hand-built engine with stronger internals.. I'm sure these will mostly be garage queens or track toys.. They're not buying it for comfort features or Android Auto/Apple CarPlay.. those people would buy a luxury car from BMW, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, etc.

I haven't seen any evidence of people paying crazy amounts for a 22B from the dealer in 1998. Sure they auction for $100k+ now that they're a desired collector's car. How can you say "they won't be paying as much for this car" without that figure or knowing how much markup people will pay on the S209?

The S209 is special, just not special like the 22B. End of story.
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