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Originally Posted by WRXnick16 View Post
^ You've yet to provide any support of your original (false) claim beyond "carbon build-up" which is a preventative maintenance item that everyone has known about for years.

Direct injection has tons of advantages and any downsides can be solved by dual injection. DI itself is not a problem, but rather the lack of port injection causes carbon build-up.

Think of it this way, carbon build-up requires maintenance just like changing the timing belt on an EJ. The FA has a timing chain which isn't a maintenance item. That will completely offset the cost of walnut blasting. And what happens if an owner doesn't feel like performing maintenance on their timing belt and it snaps?
Carbon buildup on DI cars requires maintenance? Is this written in any DI car's owners manual? If so, please show me...this will be the first im hearing about a manufacturer stating that carbon buildup from their DI motor REQUIRES preventative maintenance for carbon buildup. That would be a terrible thing to advertise to a customer about their latest tech. If your referring to people taking the time to research the problem, pay extra money to perform this service, and keep up with a routine schedule....your out of your mind. The average (majority) Porsche drivers DO NONE OF THIS....what makes you believe an average Subaru driver will?

Again (and try and understand), I KNOW DI has it's advantages in making more power and better fuel economy. However, you keep mentioning to solve the problem of carbon buildup by installing dual injection. My questions to you are:

1) Do you honestly believe the new STI will have dual injection?

2) Do you honestly believe the average STI owner will perform routine top-end cleaning?

If you do believe's wishful thinking. If not, than carbon buildup will be a common issue with the next STI....and enough carbon buildup will cause reliability issues. What is so hard to understand about that?

Also, just curious how many upgraded DI fuel pumps are available on the market for Subbies with DI right now? Go ahead, I'll wait.
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