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Hello folks I am new here. I just baught a 2000 subaru 2.2L for $5,000. And the reason I got it for $5,000 is because the crankshaft bearing is going out. It's going to cost a pretty penny if I do that so I am figuring to just buy a 2.5rs engine and let the 2.2L either be sold to someone who will fix it. Or something I dunno. As of right now I am looking for the best possible way to go about getting a 2.5 rs engine. And anything special I need to know. I read thought most of the fax and basically I got out of it I can pretty much swap this for that pretty easy besides what I would need to do if I were to change it back to a 2.2L engine.

I am also wondering of other options. Is new or used best. How much is new going to run me? What are the warranties? Used dosen't have warranties I don't belive but run about $1,500 average. It's 5 speed new flywheel and clutch as well as transmition. I am planning to get it so I can so some rallying in it. But we will see how much this will cost me first heh.

If any of you can help me spot out a well worth buying 2.5 rs engine that would be much appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. I noticed the decals on the side the subaru rally decals and I asked him about them. He said they came on the car new. And was saying that his is the 2.2l rally edition??? I dunno how true this is but I have seen pictures of other 2.2ls, and they don't come with the scoop hood, or the fin on the back. I searched for a 2.2L rally edition but came up empty handed. These decals look pretty official and yellow hehe. I will take pictures later on if you guys need them. Thanks again.
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