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Originally Posted by Commander Keen View Post
It's actually 0.7%, but I haven't made any decision. I've only posted a tank of E0 and E10. Since both were treated with TC-W3 there's nothing to compare yet. This is something that affects entire tanks, and over a tank, many different things can affect mileage. Flyboy has posted plenty of data, including blind testing on his wife's car. If you want to join in and conduct your own experiment, feel free.
Sorry but have already been running different fuels for several years in my wrx and truthfully it comes down to if the gas station gets a more RON sided rating or MON sided rating cause the number octane you see at the pump is an average of the two or did you not look at the R+M/2 on their. Also as to the benefits of lubrication of tcw3 is well known in the other community I deal with since most of us premix on a ratio of 1oz to 1 gallon in our rotaries. I just got tired of people randomly posting my fuel changed by blank and it was this when it could have been temp differences, humidity, fuel quality from the pump, or a million others. And being at least as much as possible scientific in this it will alleviate some of these variables, just trying to help since there is some good info but also a lot of pages of assumptions.
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