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Originally Posted by humpthebobcat View Post
I know you're old and all but a "turd" means the car is slow...features, quality, and reliability have nothing to do with the car being a turd...6.5 second 0-60 is slow...
Dude, I'm 29. Unless your still asking your parents for permission to sleep over at a friends house, we're probably close to the same age.

Regarding "slow." You do realize this is a sedan that's designed to move people in comfort, with features and materials that are of higher quality, right? It's not a "performance" vehicle that is designed for the drag strip, track, or really anything that is spirited in nature. Someone would not cross shop this car with a wrx, focus rs, gti, etc. Maybe compare it to the accord, sonata, Malibu, legacy, etc. Also, the car isn't final. I'm willing to bet the car does 0-60 around the same
Time as the accord v6, maybe slightly slower.

You sort of need to get a grip on reality and realize where this car is positioned, target demographics, and competitors. If you can't figure that out then the discussion is pointless.
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