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Originally Posted by Cougar4 View Post
In my opinion, Subaru wiring is very good for the most part. There have been certain issues on various models that have had some issues but all in all, they have a good design.

There are number of major ground points under the hood that need to be checked to make sure they are making a good bond to engine and chassis ground. If you can add a jumper to a ground point and get an improvement to performance then that ground point needs to be tracked down and repaired. Ebay is a good place to find factory manuals at decent prices. Getting at least a factory wiring diagram manual at retail prices is worth having on hand. There is no substitute and it is a good investment to make.

Understand that. I had gone through every wire in the engine harness itself and repaired low resistance areas. Personally had issue with areas that subaru shares connection to a single wire like injectors coils and engine harness grounds.

The tar they use seems to have heated and leaked into the connection causing high resistance. When I clipped the wire I had to clip it back a decent amount because that waterproof tar had made its way back into the wiring between the strands and protective sheething. That is my only complaint with the wiring. That and those terminal pins (blade connector style) spread and don't hold tension especially if the engine has been in and out. I'd prefer a spade style.

The wire quality itself seems to be standard and up to par.

I also have a short finder that traces the signal and had noticed funky signal lose on the main battery ground to starter. So I added a ground following that wire. And placed it on the starter solenoid 10mm bolt.

I guess the only thing stopping me from getting a manual from eBay would be are the diagrams intricate enough to show color coating on the harness pin locations? Anyone have a manual that can confirm that? That's what I really need to ensure my pins had been swapped in correct locations..

Or anyone have a 05 sti that can snap a picture of plug B and D on the harness?
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